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Steelmaking Shop

Thanks to our advanced steel making facilities we are able to produce a variety of super clean steel grades with close control of composition. Steel production plant consists of several technological operations including charge preparation, melting, steel refining and casting. Steel making process takes place in two electric arc furnaces with annual capacity of 150 thousands tons of steel and one ASEA – SKF refining.

Steel melting shop
50 t 60 t
Electric arc furnaces N.2 N.5
Melting capacity [kt/Year] 150

Iron melting shop 1 t 2x10 t
Melting capacity [kt/Year] 20

Ladle metallurging
Ladle[t] 40 - 70 90 - 120 120 - 145

Station Operations
ASEA - SKF Preheating roof


Modification of nonferrous inclusion by Ca
Induction stiring

Argon refining
Vacuum roof
Vacuum degassing

VCD (Vacuum carbon desoxidation)
Caisson VOD Vacuum caisson VOD (Vacuum oxide decarburization)VCD Argon bubling

Molten material is either poured into cast iron moulds (INGOTS) or into sand moulds (CASTINGS). A considerable proportion of the ingot production of carbon and low-alloy steel with the highest claims for quality of material is intended for the Forge Shop.



Manufacturing program

The steel works can produce bottom-poured ingots up to the size I 195 (200 t) poured in controlled Ar atmosphere.

Production process

The raw materials for steel production include steel scrap, selected recyclable waste, various grades of pig iron and alloying additions. Crude steel is first smelted in an electric arc furnace and subsequently refined in the ASEA ladle (a duplex process). This method makes it possible to attain the following limits of impurities:

phosphorus max. 0.007%
sulphur max. 0.005% (0.002%)
hydrogen max. 1.0 ppm
oxygen max. 25 ppm
max. 50 ppm

The micro-purity of steel is guaranteed at the level of K4 (DIN 50602), max. 40 (20).

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