Machined forgings and forged bars

PILSEN STEEL delivers a large variety of forgings up to 205 t designed for a range of industries such as shipbuilding, wind power generation, rolling mills, nuclear, etc.

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Pilsen Steel is one of the biggest world producers of heavy crankshafts for four stroke diesel engines, compressors and pumps. We have manufactured the largest existing monoblock crankshaft in the world (the diesel engine 12V64, weight 32 tons). This product requires top steel quality as well as an excellent machining equipment.


We are market leader in the production of shafts for wind power plants of all existing sizes. We provide them in the final machining condition incl. painting. Pilsen Steel has been delivering them to the major windmill producers in the world since the very beginning of this market.


One of our key product are rotors for steam turbines and generators. With our excellent steel quality and vertical heat treatment facility we are able to satisfy the needs even of the most demanding customers. We are able to produce not only all common rotor steel grades, but also all special materials for super critical applications.


Forged work and back up rolls is another product that needs very high steel quality. For each rolling mill is important, that the used rolls produces as many millions of tons of rolled steel as possible. That is why we are preffered supplier for many customers in this market.


Also shipbuilding companies appreciate the quality and on time delivery of ship shafts from Pilsen Steel. We are able to produce propeller shafts and intermediate shafts up to 22 m in length, in rough or final machined condition. Each year we deliver many such shafts for instance for the world biggest shipyard - Hyundai Heavy Industry.


Pilsen Steel is able to produce nearly any kind of forgings in the weight range 1 - 100 tons for all industrial applications. We are able to produce for instance forgings for electric motors, oil & gas industry, excentric shafts for rolling mills, mechanical presses, and all other possible shaped forging for industrial need.

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