Code of Ethics - business philosophy, respected values and principles

This company Code of Ethics is based on a business philosophy, which includes:
A) Goals of the company's business activities
B) Company credo
C) Accepted and respected values
D) Accepted and respected principles

The business philosophy is used to maintain the correct direction and level of the company's business activities. Our philosophy is not limited by time, and is valid anywhere where our business may take us.

Goals of the company's business activities

The basic, and most important, goal of our company is to be a reliable supplier of high-quality products, while complying with demanding technical and quality parameters, as required by the markets worldwide.
By developing and manufacturing high-quality products, we increase our value and resources, which help us to contribute and improve the company's development process.

Company credo

"Secret of Steel is our Passion"

Accepted and respected values

Expertise and professionalism

Accepted and respected principle

The principle of tradition relevant to metallurgical and machine manufacturing in Plzeň dates back to 1859, and is based on:
  1. Extensive manufacturing capabilities
  2. Worldwide recognition of our products
  3. The high quality and superb technical parameters of our products
  4. The professionalism and expertise of our employees
The customer principle - everyone is a customer and a supplier
The principle of communication - openly sharing and receiving information
The loyalty and support principle - maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the employees and the company
The teamwork principle - teamwork multiplies our professional knowledge and expertise, as well as our manufacturing capabilities
The continuous development principle - systematic support and improvement of the ethical and professional levels of our employees.
The company social responsibility principle - involvement of employees and the company in activities that benefit society as a whole.

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