Competitive advantages of PILSEN STEEL

PILSEN STEEL has many competitive advantages comparing to the other world forges and foundries. We are proud to be able to present them to our customers.


During last years the average scrap rate (relation of the non quality cost comparing to the total sales volume) is 1% (forgings, casting and ingots together). This is one of the best results worldwide, average forge or foundry reaches approx. 3-4% of non quality cost. The key for this excellent result is in the steel production thanks to skilled workers and our excellent ASEA refining laddle we practically do not have material problems. Secondly, we have all manufacturing process in our hands steelmaking, forging, pattern making and casting, heat treatment, final machining. This gives us the chance to control the quality in the best way.


Delays in our production are very rare. This is also connected with our quality there are no scraps to be produced again. Second key factor is that we directly control 100% of the complete manufacturing process.


We always prefer long term win-win business relationship, based on high level of trust and partnership co-operation. We are basically not interested in the “spot business approach”. Good, fair and long term relationship is the key value in our philosophy.


Majority of our customers need both forgings and steel or iron castings. You can buy all what they need in one place this saves time, cost and lowers risk.


We can produce sizes from 1 t pieces up to 80 t (forgings) or 180 tons (castings) or even 220 tons (ingots). We make all possible materials from simple carbon steel grades, up to high alloyed materials using our VOD facility. More than that, in the casting business we make not only steel, but also grey and modular iron castings. We have wide manufacturing portfolio from „simple products“ like ingots, bars up to extremely difficult crankshafts, heavy rotors, steam turbine casting incl. construction welding or even nuclear forgings and castings.


Our company has more than 150 years tradition in the production of heavy castings and forgings. We were always able to survive not only difficult market situations, but also second world war and 40 years of comunist time. The key is not only to provide excellent services as mentioned above, but also to flexibly react on any change. Also today, with our wide production range and business partners from all the world (Korea, Japan, China, Russia, India, all Europe, Brasil, USA) we are able to react and accomodate. Further development of flexibility and stability is a key part of our company strategy.


We pay extra attention on perfect communication with our customer partners. That is why we provide our customers with E-business the system which allows to track our production „on-line“ you can find there the current status of the most important production steps with automatic everyday update. This system is unique and greatly appreciated by our customers.

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