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The results of the meeting of creditors held on October 14, 2013

16. 10. 2013

On October 14, 2013, a meeting of creditors was held at the Regional Court in Pilsen on the vote for acceptance of the reorganization plan. Out of 362 creditors, 104 creditors vote for the reorganization; 8 creditors voted against it. The other creditors did not declare for/against the reorganization plan. Will of the creditors is evident from the results of the vote. Most of them refused to allow the company PILSEN STEEL s.r.o. to fell into bankruptcy.

Among others, also the main creditor, the Russian Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs, whose subsidiary VEB Capital now provides operational funding of the company, voted for the approval of the reorganization.

The stated voting results are very important for the court's decision, but the Regional Court in Pilsen should however consider besides the vote result also the reorganization plan in terms of objections raised to its content by the creditors who voted against its acceptance.

Resolution of the court's decision should be published until Monday, October 21, 2013.

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